Offer your customers a professional brand experience!

mybow guides you through the process of positioning, branding and communication! The focus of mybow is on the creation of unique content and visual elements such as photos, blogs, reports or AI-generated content. mybow acts as an external marketing partner for many companies and covers the areas of graphic design, web design and digital marketing.

How we start our collaboration

Stop wasting more of your precious time. Stop wasting more money trying to figure out what works. We are professionals and can help quickly and efficiently!

Level 1: Entry offers

If you order by 30.06.2024 a Marketing Mini-Audit or a Starter Brand Workshop, you will receive a free shoot in our studio. 1h for portraits up to max. 3 people, 3 individual photos & 1 group photo.

Quick Brand Check

  • Quick check of the brand presence
  • Based on a phone exchange / zoom 30-45min
  • Short area report with key recommendations
  • Cost: 250.-

Marketing Mini-Audit

  • Review of existing marketing activities
  • Based on a phone exchange / zoom 60min & short analyse
  • Report with concrete suggestions for improvements
  • Cost: 500.-

Discovery Branding KIT

  • You will receive a Discovery Branding KIT with a mix of 5 different personalized items / 5 pieces each
  • Articles like coffee cups, mugs, T-Shirts, caps etc.
  • Cost: 500.-

Starter Branding Workshop

  • Workshop for small groups max. 3 people by mybow
  • Covers the basics of brand positioning
  • Includes discussions and practical exercises
  • Cost: 750.-

Level 2: Branding

Working on your brand means investing in your future. This should be the basis of success for many years to come. Before you invest in your brand, there are a number of things you need to consider. Three elements are important for a good result:

  • Create a clear positioning in advance and review/optimize your brand!
  • Create outstanding content that makes your brand unique!
  • A brand needs care. Work on it constantly to increase brand awareness!
  • Register your Brand and make a trademark registration!

Define your targets first

First, define your objectives. Do you want to invest in your brand in short or medium term? Do you invest in your brand because you believe in your business model? Do you believe that a stronger brand can help you increase the profit of your products?

What is included in a branding

Each project is different, but a combination of the elements described above. Strategy, branding, logo, visuals, flyers, business cards, website, social media support, photo shoots, video shoots or even a launch event are elements that mybow can cover in collaboration with our network of professional partners. The question is, how much effort do you want to put into your brand, and how exceptional do you want the results to be?

Price ranges

No need to worry, we can start with a small budget, but professional branding has a certain impact on the budget:

  • A small branding project can be carried out within a price range of CHF 10’000.- to 15’000.-
  • For medium-sized branding project, the price range is between CHF 20’000.- to CHF 40’000.-
  • For outstanding and high level branding, the prices are from CHF 50’000.- upwards

Photo Shootings

  • Studio shoots
  • Food shoots in the studio or in your restaurant
  • Portraits & team shoots
  • Creation of recipes
  • Shootings in your company
  • Cost: from 750.-

Branding Workshops

  • Joint development of branding with selected methods
  • Joint development of the positioning with selected methods
  • For Positioning, Branding, ReBranding
  • Cost: from 950.-

Registration of the trademark

  • Completion of all formalities in connection with the registration
  • Assumption of representation for 10 years
  • Application fees for 3 protection classes
  • Cost: from 1’250.-


  • Planning
  • Conception (structure & design mock-up)
  • Creation content (Photo, video, text)
  • Creation website
  • Finalization
  • Launch
  • Cost: from 2’500.-

Brand Registration

A trademark registration sets you apart from the competition and increases the economic value of a company. Trademark protection gives the company the exclusive right to use the trademark for the designated goods and/or services. A trademark helps to build a good reputation on the market and thus increases credibility. Trademark protection is an asset and enables the company to take legal action against misuse of the trademark.

Level 3: Visibility


  • The report for your company is published on the central Swiss online platform
  • Publication on the Central Switzerland Market Index platform
  • Cost: on demand

Outdoor advertising

  • Poster advertising and digital
  • Out-of-home campaigns for local, regional or national advertising campaigns
  • Planning and booking
  • We design the motif for you
  • Cost: on demand

Digital Signage

  • Indoor Screen hanging deck with 2 ropes for showcases
  • Indoor Screen mobile for exhibitions and restaurants
  • Outdoor Screen mobile with battery for exhibitions and restaurants
  • Cost: from 2’900.-


Marketing Abo’s

  • Marketing subscriptions incl. udate website / Google Business, photo shoot and updating of visuals
  • Online advertising incl. boost social media posts
  • SEO and Google ads
  • Cost: from 500.- / month

AI Content Pack

  • Exclusively AI-generated images, videos or texts
  • Can be used for various digital platforms such as social media, websites, email marketing and more
  • Cost: from 750.- / month

360° degree photos

  • Package for 360° degree photos
  • 360° degree photos for food, products and premises
  • The photos can be used for website, social media, promotional materials etc.
  • Cost: on demand

Restaurant Order to Print Solution

  • One Time Set-Up
  • Shop Abo
  • Order reception via Printer
  • Order reception via App
  • Cost: on demand

Customer’s voice

Dano Halsall

Founder Dano Coaching & World champion and record holder in swimming

“As the founder of Dano Coaching, I am grateful for mybow’s partnership and creative expertise. They brought my coaching vision to life with a captivating logo and stunning website. With their support, my dreams became reality. I highly recommend mybow as professional and creative partner”