Web Design

A website is an investment in the future, and should be the driving force for many years to come. There are several elements to consider when creating a website. Three elements are important for a good result:

  • Create a clear positioning and brand image in advance!
  • Choose the right technology and building a technically sound website!
  • Create outstanding content will make your website unique!


Coordination & mentoring by mybow

  1. Planning (targets, frame, field of application and technology: Classic, Premium or Professional)
  2. Conception (structure & design mock-up)
  3. Creation content (Photo, video, text)
  4. Creation website (Set-up environment, creating pages, implement content) by mybow service partner
  5. Finalization (translation, testing & handover to customer)
  6. Launch & Marketing Abo

Classic Website

For low budget we can use a basic website CMS which allows to create a website for around:

  • 1’750.- to 2’500.- excl. Content & Visuals

Premium Website (WordPress)

Premium websites WP are websites that are based on the CMS “WordPress” and are suitable for small and middle sized businesses. The websites are characterized by intuitive user interfaces and offer designs that can be adapted to different industries and purposes.

However, it should be noted that WordPress requires continuous maintenance. The various plug-ins need to be constantly tuned to each other. Due to the complexity, maintenance and support are usually handled by an agency.

The websites are responsive by nature, which means that the website created looks and works well on different screen sizes and devices.


For restaurants with straight forward approach we suggest the standard template “Blacky”:

  • 2’500.- excl. Content & Visuals


For small and middlesized companies might a WordPress-based websites can be interesting:

  • 3’500 to 6’000.- excl. Content & Visuals

Professional Website (Web IT CMS)

For professional companies, we suggest moving directly to an IT-based CMS where the price range for creation varies :

  • 7’000.- to 15’000.- excl. Content & Visuals

If you want to stand out as a company, it’s worth investing in a professional website. A website can make all the difference. That’s why, in collaboration with our partner IT & Web, we offer you an IT-based Content Management System (CMS).

Maintenance is easier than with a WordPress site, and the site’s CMS is more stable. The initial investment may be higher than a WordPress site, but it will be satisfactory in the long term.

Websites feature intuitive user interfaces and designs that can be adapted to different sectors and objectives. Websites are responsive by nature, meaning that the website created displays and functions well on different screen sizes and devices.

Content & Visuals

Creating a website is one thing – getting the content right is quite another. At mybow, we believe that content makes all the difference! That’s why it’s important to think carefully in advance about how you want the result to look. What’s more. The new website should reflect the strategy of the future and not simply be a reflection of the past! That’s why mybow offers strategic support in the form of workshops (strategy and branding), creates visuals (photos and videos) and produces the appropriate texts.

The effort involved in creating content and visuals can cost the same as building the website itself. In a way, the website is the result of a long preparation in order to become ready for the future.

Rough estimate

  • Planning: from 500.-
  • Website concept: from 950.-
  • Photoshooting: from 950.-
  • Mock-Up: from 1’250.-
  • Wording: from 1’250.-