Restaurant All-in-One solution

The marketing abo for restaurants is an ideal and cost-effective way to increase the visibility of restaurants. The restaurant all-in-one solution, a website with a shop module for take-away and deliveries with order acceptance via app or printer for the restaurateur, rounds off this offer perfectly.

Become independent of conventional delivery services and set up your own delivery service.

All-in-All Solution

What we need from you!

  • Excel list with prices
  • Which zip code is delivered to?
  • List with zip code, city, delivery time, minimum order quantity, delivery costs
  • As a supplement, the link to or menus as a PDF
  • Logo as jpg, png, ai

What we do for you!

  1. Planning (targets, frame, field of application and technology)
  2. Conception (structure & design mock-up)
  3. Visuals (Photoshooting team, restaurant, dishes)
  4. Content (Creation textes, update menu cards, documents)
  5. Creation website (Set-up environment, creating pages, implement content) by mybow service partner
  6. Finalization (translation, testing & handover to customer)
  7. Launch pack (Design visuals / Handouts)

Find some samples

One Time Set-Up

  • Planning / Conception / Branding Support / Creation content / Photo Shooting / Handover / Training & Launch
  • Cost: 6’900.-

Shop Abo

  • Hosting
  • Technical Support
  • Cost: 99.- / month

Order reception via Printer

  • By email or SMS
  • App
  • Via terminal printer one-off
  • USB, LAN or SIM card
  • Cost: 349.-

Order reception via App

  • App
  • Cost: 15.- / Month

Farm Shop All-in-One Solution

The All-in-One solution serves also for farm shops! Create your website with a shop module for pick-up and deliveries with order acceptance via app or printer for the shop owner!


  • Optimized for mobile
  • Adjustable opening hours
  • Set delivery zip codes
  • Minimum order amount depending on postal code
  • Credit cards and online payments (commission 2.7% + 0.30 per transaction)
  • Delivery costs per location
  • Zip codes pause
  • Dishes on/off
  • Discounts
  • Delivery time depending on postal code
  • Support for multiple stores
  • Order to print / App

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