Offer your customers an agro experience close to nature

Are you planning your own agribusiness and want to make it known in your region? Do you already run your own farm and want greater visibility and more sales?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because mybow Brand Consulting is the specialist for agro marketing, especially for vegetable producers, farm shops and agro-related businesses. mybow Brand Consulting supports you with agro marketing, agro branding, agro websites, agro store ordering systems, agro photo shoots, agro social media or agro advertising. So you can be sure that you can offer your customers an ecological and natural experience!

Benefit from our offers specially developed for vegetable producers and farm shops

We know and understand the obstacles and pressures in the world of farming and vegetable growing. We understand the daily pain and the constant lack of resources. We also understand the dependence on wholesale that can sometimes make you feel like a slave. For this reason, mybow has developed special offers for the agricultural industry. We know that many vegetable producers and farmers want to break free from this dependency and set up their own brand or local farm store. We have a range of solutions to help you do just that. We can help you build your brand, set up an online store for delivery or collection. And of course we can also support you with our cost-effective marketing subscription and help you gain more visibility. So you can concentrate on your activities and we focus on marketing.

Agro / Vegetable producers


Customer’s voice

Julien Stoll

Chef de culture – Stoll Production SA

“Stoll Frères SA is proud to partner with mybow and benefit from their exceptional expertise in business coaching. With an adaptable and innovative team, mybow encourages creativity, brings a critical mindset and offers diverse perspectives. Their exceptional team with a modern, international outlook ensures methodologically sound collaboration and a clean follow-up.”