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Yummy Restaurant – Cham ZG

The Yummy Restaurant is more than just a paradise for gourmets! It is also a paradise for families. The restaurant is extremely spacious and there is enough room for small and large groups, whether young or old. So you can look forward to enjoying a unique experience. The centerpiece of our establishment is a fascinating 6-meter-long deep-sea fish aquarium that captures the imagination of children and adults alike. It is more than just a visual highlight! It's an interactive experience that makes our restaurant the first choice for families. Perfect for those looking for both delicious food and entertainment.

Stoll Frères – Yverdons les Bains VD

Stoll Frères SA is a Swiss vegetable production company founded in 1879 that specializes in producing and distributing high-quality vegetables. Stoll Frères SA is located in Yverdon-Les-Bains. Stoll Frères SA is one of the leading producers of high-quality, locally-grown vegetables in Switzerland. The company operates multiple outdoor fields and greenhouses and grows a wide variety of vegetables. The MalmEnergie Naturelle project by Stoll Frères SA is taking place in Yverdon-les-Bains. It’s a medium-depth geothermal project that aims to provide heat to the greenhouses of Stoll Production SA. The energy obtained through drilling will enable the direct use of renewable heat energy as a substitute for fossil fuels (gas). mybow created a special report with video recordings for this project and accompanied it on social media.

Schweizer Knoblauch – Buchhackern TG

Beat Stump from the canton of Thurgau is the largest garlic grower in Switzerland. In addition to garlic, wheat, quinoa and black beans also thrive on Beat Stump’s farm. As a partner of Artegusto, Beat Stump produces his exclusive black garlic under the Artegusto brand. mybow supports the integration, branding and communication of black garlic with its marketing à la carte service.

ARA Health – Rougement VD

ara.Health is a Rougement-based company that provides expert care for people struggling with chronic stress, mental health, and early burnout. ara.Health helps actively regain energy and health by offering task-specific recovery programs and needs-based health services. mybow supports ara.Health with business coaching and in the area of branding and communicaiton with its marketing à la carte services.

Schmutz Ried – Ried bei Kerzers Schmutz AG Ried is a leading supplier of high-quality auxiliary substances for professional and private vegetable growers throughout Switzerland. Schmutz AG is located in Ried bei Kerzers and considered as the leading Swiss company for the distribution of substrates, fertilizers, and other products for horticulture. mybow is happy having created the website and supports in online performance.

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