Get exceptional content for your communication!

What is a website without content? What is a website without news? A website is the engine of a company. It is therefore important that it is regularly updated. There are different ways to do it. At mybow we offer various options:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): With SEO, you can optimize yourself so that you can be found better on Google
  • Blogs: A blog showcases your expertise and is a great way to be found on Google and other platforms.
  • Newsletters: Sending messages via email or Whatsapp can help bring people to the website.
  • Brand Visuals: Photos and videos can impress visitors at first glance. A good photo or video can make all the difference! More

Facebook / Instagram

  • Storyboard
  • Content Creation
  • Media Production
  • Publication
  • Community Management
  • Based on delivered content, generic content or AI generated content
  • 1 Photoshooting 2 hours included



  • Campaign planning
  • Research & copywriting
  • Photo or video shooting on site
  • Media production
  • Creation of a blog on the website
  • Publication on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, newsletter etc.

Newsletter (WhatsApp / E-mail)

  • Campaign planning
  • Setting up the environment
  • Creation of the accounts
  • Creation of authorizations
  • Linking and checking whatsapp, phone
  • Setting up automation flows
  • Test functionality and test delivery
  • Uploading data
  • Customer training