Who we are

At mybow, we’re not just another marketing company. At mybow we’re committed to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and leveraging a range of cutting-edge technologies. These powerful tools aid us in predicting customer behavior, automating tasks, and refining our strategies. However, tools alone cannot deliver the best results. That’s where our diverse team of experts comes in. We bring in-depth industry knowledge, creativity, and a profound understanding of your unique business needs to ensure that these tools are used strategically and effectively. The synergy between our human expertise and AI technology allows us to deliver personalized, innovative, and impactful solutions.

How we are

We are more than just a marketing agency. mybow exists to empower businesses by enhancing their online visibility, expanding their customer reach, developing their business acumen through specialized coaching programs and workshops, and providing cutting-edge AI-driven solutions.

Why are we different

mybow differentiates itself by leveraging the diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures of its team members, and harnessing the power of AI technology to provide a holistic blend of business coachings, marketing campaigns and online visibility services.

Our Values

  • Agile mybow swiftly adapts to meet your unique needs.
  • Educational mybow empowers you with knowledge and skills.
  • Tech-savvy mybow leverages technologies to ensure you stay ahead.


René Bachmann
  • Member of the board and director at mybow
  • rene.bachmann(at)mybow.ch
  • René’s passion Consulting

Meet René, the visionary founder of mybow Brand Consulting. René’s drive is fueled by bringing ideas to life, crafting them into greatness with the collective efforts of his team – and mybow is the embodiment of this passion.

René is an adept navigator in the world of business development and marketing. He takes the help in capturing customer needs, defining work plannings and budgets, and ensuring everything are in place for the team to excel. His expertise and insights are not just his – he shares them generously with both the team and clients.

René’s real prowess lies in his ability to transform fledgling business ideas into comprehensive, action-ready plans. This skill stems from his innate ability to listen, understand, and collaboratively evolve ideas with his team. As linguist speaking 5 languages with a passion for marketing and people, René is the driving force that keeps mybow perpetually moving forward.

Susan Wang

Meet Susan, our seasoned Marketing Manager who blends creativity with strategy. With 20 years of experience and a history of successful projects, Susan’s talent for creative problem-solving is only matched by her deep understanding of the latest marketing trends.

Having honed her skills in the luxury and hospitality industries, Susan is adept at catering to discerning clientele and crafting strategies that truly resonate. She has a knack for capturing the essence of a brand and engaging its audience in a meaningful way.

But what sets Susan apart is her passion. She pours her heart into creating impactful campaigns that deliver results. With Susan on the team, you’re not just getting a seasoned marketer, you’re getting a devoted partner committed to driving your business towards its goals.

Yuan Gössi

Meet Yuan, our energetic Marketing Manager. A wizard with numbers and a data devotee, she employs her scientific acumen to master the art of marketing. With over a decade of experience in startups and SMEs, Yuan brings insights from the frontline of business growth, specializing in SEO, SEM, Google Ads, and social media marketing.

Yuan’s analytical skills shine in her ability to decode complex data, spot hidden trends and transform them into strategic growth plans. Always at the cutting edge, Yuan uses AI technology to optimize our processes, keeping MyBow ahead of the curve.

When she isn’t dissecting data or mastering the latest tech, she’s in her garden, nurturing plants with the same care she brings to our client’s businesses. Having Yuan on board, you’re not merely gaining a savvy marketer; you’re also securing a tireless advocate dedicated to propelling your business toward new heights of success.

Martin Bühlmann
Graphic Designer

Meet Martin, our accomplished Graphic Designer, who believes in finding a visual solution for every problem. With 25 years of freelance experience, he’s a master at creating stunning logos, brochures, advertisements, and a variety of marketing materials.

What makes Martin’s work stand out at mybow is the diversity of our projects he is involved. Thriving in our dynamic environment, he embraces the challenge of crafting contemporary designs that capture the essence of our evolving clientele. In Martin, you won’t just find an experienced designer. You’ll discover a visual maestro who is as passionate about your brand’s image as you are. With Martin on board, your brand isn’t just seen—it’s remembered.

Team Lausanne

Angela Martins
Community Manager

Meet Angela, our vibrant Community Manager. Having been with mybow since its incorporation, Angela has seen our growth first-hand, gathering a wealth of skills along the way and forming bonds with a team of motivated creatives.

Angela’s primary role lies in social media communication, expertly managing our client’s LinkedIn presence and engaging with our community across various social platforms. Her knack for digital engagement helps us connect with our audience in meaningful ways, keeping the conversation going and ensuring our clients always feel heard.

In Angela, you’ll find more than a community manager; you’ll find a dedicated liaison who ensures that our social media platforms are more than just online spaces – they are thriving digital communities where our clients feel seen, valued, and engaged.

Ariane Guignard Fasola

Meet Ariane, our meticulous Accountant and numbers enthusiast. Passionate about marketing and the dynamics of business, Ariane found her perfect fit as an Accounts Manager at MyBow. She thrives on precision, striving to ensure every figure is right and every job well done.

Working within mybow’s vibrant, small-scale team, Ariane has ample opportunities for professional development, constantly expanding her skills and contributing to the company’s collective success. She takes pride in her role, understanding that her meticulous work with the accounts contributes significantly to our customer satisfaction.

In Ariane, you find more than an accountant; you find a committed team player whose dedication ensures our financial integrity, facilitating us to provide the best services to our clients.

Team China

Yulia Bai
Social Media Manager

Meet Yulia, our dynamo Social Media Manager. She brings a distinct blend of creativity and strategy, expertly fostering brand presence and engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A content mastermind, Yulia crafts compelling visuals and persuasive copy, ensuring alignment with our client’s brand voice and resonance with their audience.

Beyond social media, she leverages her marketing skills for comprehensive campaign development, market research, and competitor analysis. As a team player with a keen interest in continuous learning, Yulia excels in collaboration and contributes to mybow’s success through her passion and prowess. We’re delighted to have her on the team! With Yulia as part of the crew, you’re not just receiving the services of a skillful social media manager, but you’re also gaining a creative ally committed to enhancing your brand’s digital footprint and visibility.

Gina Xu

Meet Gina, our gifted Photographer who infuses mybow with her unique aesthetic, steeped in her Chinese heritage and Swiss experiences. Gina excels in producing striking visuals that elevate our clients’ products and narrate their stories. Her adaptability to diverse cultures and backgrounds lends a distinctive, global flair to her work.

But it’s her passion that truly sets Gina apart. A fervent media enthusiast, she finds joy in making an impact through her craft. With each captivating snapshot, Gina doesn’t just create eye-catching visuals, she vividly brings our client’s brands to life. In Gina, we don’t just have a talented photographer, we have a visual storyteller.


Consultant Strategy

Introducing Mathieu. A seasoned leader, Mathieu’s experience in multinational companies shapes the innovative strategies he brings to MyBow. His career, steeped in marketing, offers unique insights into the rapid digital transformations in the industry. Recognized for his reliability and attentiveness, Mathieu swiftly pinpoints needs and develops innovative strategies for successful implementation. At MyBow, Mathieu’s expert financial advice and strategic contributions shape our long-term aspirations. In Mathieu, we don’t just have a Consultant; we have a strategic visionary guiding our journey toward a bright future.

Consultant Agro

Introducing Beat. A discerning business visionary, Beat excels at recognizing fresh opportunities. His adept interpersonal skills pave the way for establishing significant objectives and fostering robust business relations. Beat’s vast network broadens our understanding of entrepreneurs’ needs, ensuring that our guidance steers them towards success.

Beat’s authentic interest in individuals and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction are the bedrock of his approach. With our team’s wealth of knowledge and networking capabilities, Beat ensures we deliver top-tier, client-focused service at mybow.