Brand Value

Brand value is the monetary value of a brand if you were to sell it. To assess brand equity, a company must estimate how much the brand is worth on the market – in other words, how much someone who is willing to buy the brand would pay.

Brand equity, on the other hand, is related to customer perception. Customers who prefer your brand over others and remain loyal over time contribute to your brand equity.

Brand Registration

A trademark registration sets you apart from the competition and increases the economic value of a company. Trademark protection gives the company the exclusive right to use the trademark for the designated goods and/or services. A trademark helps to build a good reputation on the market and thus increases credibility. Trademark protection is an asset and enables the company to take legal action against misuse of the trademark.

Why a brand registration?

  • Exclusivity
  • Credibility
  • Economic value
  • Legal protection
  • Market differentiation

Brand Registration – from 950.-

  • Preparation of the list of goods and services
  • Registration of the trademark
  • Completion of all formalities in connection with the registration
  • Assumption of representation for 10 years
  • Timely reminder of the trademark renewal after 10 years
  • Application fees for 3 protection classes

Coordination and research efforts will be added extra. Contact us for a specific quote.

Order now!

    Brand Starterkit – 1’950.-

    • Planning
    • Creation of a logo light
    • Logo datasheet
    • Creation envelope, creation paper header
    • Design & print business cards (1 set)
    • 500 pces branded coffee cups 100 / 180ml

    Brand Set-up kit – 3’450.-

    • Planning
    • Creation of a logo light
    • Setup of “Domain & E-Mail” accounts
    • Creation of dynamic QR code
    • Visual Concept Flyer A5
    • Printing flyer A5 1000 pieces
    • Design & print business cards (1 set)
    • Creation of a landing page (1 page)
    • Creation of 3 social media accounts (Google Business, Insta, Facebook, LinkedIn)

    Complete Branding – 9’250.-

    • Planning
    • Storytelling 
    • Logo Starterkit 
    • Photo Shooting
    • Set-up Accounts
    • Website
    • Creation Visuals

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