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Moos Licht – Luzern LU

MOOS licht ag the lighting manufacturer from central Switzerland is one of the leading Swiss companies in the construction of special luminaires. MOOS licht ag offers a wide range of products and services, including a complete range of standard solutions, project solutions, industrial solutions, and retrofit solutions as well as emergency lighting solutions. mybow supports Moos Licht in the area of business coaching, website implementation, and with marketing à la carte services.

Happyweed – Birmenstorf AG

HappyWeed is a Swiss quality hemp brand and offers CBD flowers. HappyWeed has the highest standards of quality and purity and sells its products both through its own e-commerce shop and locally. mybow built the entire brand, including positioning, branding, brand registration, creation of the e-commerce website.

Artegusto – Yverdon les Bains VD & Cadenazzo TI

Artegusto is a Swiss consumer brand that focuses on local agriculture and the art of cooking to offer consumers unique and exclusive products. The brand emphasizes innovation, taste and elegance and stands for high quality. Artegusto selects only the best products to offer the highest quality and flavors. mybow created, built the brand, including positioning, branding, creation of the website, support on social media and online performance. All further development of the brand is coordinated by mybow – with Marketing à la Carte Services.

Agronoma – Birmenstorf AG

Agronoma是一家瑞士公司,专门从事大麻的种植和制备。Agronoma的总部设在Birmenstorf AG,是瑞士大麻行业的典范。mybow创建了品牌,包括标志和网站。

Quality Beef Restaurant – Etoy VD

Quality Beef餐厅位于Etoy / VD,以提供优质牛肉菜肴而闻名。Quality Beef从当地农场采购肉类,并使用传统技术来制作菜肴。餐厅还提供精选的葡萄酒来搭配他们的菜肴。mybow创建了品牌,包括定位、品牌推广、创建网站和网络性能提升。

Dano Coaching – Lausanne VD

Dano Coaching is based in Lausanne. Dano Coaching offers coaching in the area of optimising potential and performance, stress management, burnout prevention, energy & fatigue management, and active recovery, among others. mybow created the logo as well as the website and supports with business coaching.

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