Create your unique business menu!

At mybow, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs on a daily basis. That’s why we can offer comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to your needs. Our “business à la carte” approach is customized to the needs of your company or your project. We provide planning and our Marketing Managers are able to manage the project in a successful way. Therefore we are following a clear structure based on the 4 pillars Strategy, Branding, Communication, and Business Development.

1 Strategy

The strategy development is based on our workshop modules Business Camp and Entrepreneur Lab. We work on the company profile, screen the market, define the target groups, and help to better differentiate the offer. Further, we identify target group-oriented (B2B or B2C) communication channels. We are also able to conduct market analysis and surveys, work closely with your team and jointly develop the basis for effective strategies.

2 Branding

Whether you’re building a new brand or repositioning an existing one, our team is here to help. We’ll work with you to create a branding strategy, design logos, create branding kits, and help register the brand if needed. We create websites and e-shops on platforms such as WordPress or Shopify. We also create content in words, images, and video and pay attention to unique user experiences and designs.

3 Communication

Based on your marketing plan, we ensure effective communication with different target. We enhance your visibility on professional networks like LinkedIn as well as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. We optimize your performance on search engines like Google. Our talented graphic designers create compelling visuals and documents, create photo and video productions or special coverages for specific topics. Additionally. Last but not least we have direct access to merchandise articles from factories in the Far East.

4 Business Development

Beyond marketing, we provide assistance in business expansion. We help improve your existing product ranges, develop packaging, and enhance service offerings. Leveraging our extensive national and international network, including Europe and China, we identify and create new business opportunities. There are deliberately no limits to the spectrum here. Let’s sit down at a table and discuss whether and how we can help.