Brand Consulting

If you face one of the following cases, then your are right with us!

  • Brand localization Switzerland
  • Creation of added value for products & services
  • Product extension
  • Company takeover / handover
  • Refresh of the company image
  • Family succession

Revitalize your Business!

Do you own a company and want increase the value of your brand? mybow offers Brand Consulting for companies that want to take the next step!

Localise your Business!

Do you plan to expand your market to Switzerland or China? mybow offers Brand Localisation to campanies that want to address the local brand voice!

Vitalize your Restaurant!

Do you run a restaurant and want to increase the profit of your restaurant? mybow offers specific offers for restaurants that want to take activities into their own hands!

Restaurant solutions

Our typical clients are SMEs with 5-200 employees mainly from Agro- & Construction Industry who are already active on the market and already offer existing products or services. What they have in common is that they don’t know exactly how to go about it or that they lack the resources or know-how.

This is exactly where mybow comes in!

Our mybow approach makes it possible to support and accompany you every step of the way. After the Brand Check, where you will receive qualified feedback from our experts, you can take part in a Brand Training, where you will learn more about the importance of a strong brand.

With the Brand Lab workshop modules, we develop your company’s brand together. Customers benefit from a special mybow method with workshops on positioning and branding. The outcome is a clear Brand Guide which helps to increase the Brand Value of the company.

mybow relies on an extensive local network in Switzerland and China and can bring you together with strong and professional service and communication partners.

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