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Soap Opera by So You Cosmetics Geneva

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our story :
When realised that we all are in contact everyday with cosmetics starting from toothpaste to shampoos, soaps, lotions, gels and creams of all kinds with most of them containing harsh chemicals not so skin or nature friendly and when realised that to find good quality products that meet our desires in terms of ingredients, texture, scent and so on at the same place was a hard task, got motivated to make and share them.
what we do :
So You Cosmetics through our boutique Soap Opera in Eaux-Vives, Geneva and our online shop offers a large range of artisan natural cosmetics 100% made in Geneva. You will find products for the entire family such as natural skincare and hair-care products, cold process solid soaps, liquid soaps made the old fashioned way etc. You will also find wellness and SPA products, DIY ingredients, bathroom accessories, non toxic home fragrances and body perfumes, plant based candles, gift cards, private workshops and much more...
for who we do it :
For those who resonate with our philosophy
how we do :
Our finished products are 100% Handmade, packaged and labelled in Geneva, are eco-friendly and not tested on animals. Our products are made using non GMO plant based oils and butters, non toxic perfumes, mineral and/or food colourings, refillable and/or recyclable and/or zero waste minimal packaging. We ban the use of mineral oils, animal fats, parabens as preservative, peg, triclosan, formaldehyde, EDTA, silicone etc...We also ban the use of SLES/SLS sulfates as foaming agents in our soaps and shampoos. The majority of our products do not contain preservatives and when we can't do otherwise to offer our clients with their specific demands we use nature like preservatives approved by and conforming to the standards of ECOCERT and COSMOS.
slogan :
Natural cosmetics for the wellbeing of our skin and nature
who we are :
We are a privately owned local small business in Geneva with the aim to have our skin feel and look good with the help of nature's gifts and we take the word ''Natural'' seriously.
where we are :
3 avenue Pictet-De-Rochemont, Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland
address :
Geneva, Geneva, 1207