Renens , Vaud
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pro until 20th June, 2020
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Dozito Sàrl

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Beat Bachmann
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Help people to get more independant.
what we do :
We create the web platform
for who we do it :
For all people. Everybody who is open minded, who wants communicate, sell, buy, and do some services.
how we do :
We do it with creativity, energy and our big vision in the brains.
slogan :
Be independant and enrich your lifestyle. Enjoy your time
who we are :
We are a young STARTUP from Switzerland.
where we are :
We just launched the first version of our platform mybow. This is not the end, this is the begin of our adventure.
address :
Chemin de Belle Vue, Renens, Vaud, 1020


I live in Renens (Switzerland). That is next to Lausanne.
Life is important


Here some example of our #mybowtravelchallenge Picture 1: Roche tower Basel Picture 2: Nyon Picture 3. Aubonne Picture 4: Hungary Picture 5: Hungary
Worldwide mybow pictures

Mybow team

Some pictures of our Mybow team
The team


Mohit, the owner of the IT developpment company and me
Our IT developper

Important for me

I like: Family, Nature and Social contact and why not a good wine.